Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks to our Mihi Tutors!

Last term, some wonderful students from Mellville Intermediate in Hamilton helped Room 5, via Skype, to develop our Mihi, or way of introducing ourselves.

It was all very new to Room 5 so we had to learn everything from scratch, right from when you introduce your Mum and Dad and say which school we attend. We have been learning our Mihi this whole term.

Last week we had a brilliant afternoon where we had lots of our parents come and hear us recite our mihi. It was great! Today we got to perform once again, this time for our Room 8 tutors from Mellville Intermediate.

Check out this video they made of us performing to them!

Thanks to our wonderful tutors, you were great and we could not have been so fabulous at our Mihi Recital without you!

You can also read what they wrote about us on their blog here: