Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning with Play-doh!

Today we learned our spelling words using play-doh!

We worked with a buddy to make as many Essential List 1 or 2 spelling words as we could using the letter cutters.

Then we read them to our buddy. It was soooo much fun!

Check out our video below:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!

"Today we blew bubbles on the field."
- Maria

"Today Room 5 blew bubbles.
We blew them on the field.
It was fun.
I blew bubbles.
My table had a turn."
- Devansh

"Today Room 5 blew bubbles and we had to be in groups.
My whole table had a turn."
- Janison

"Today we blew bubbles with my group.
The bubbles were big."
- Nathanael

"Today we blew bubbles on the field.
I blew large bubbles.
It was fun.
I blew some circle bubbles."
- Hamish

"Today we blew some bubbles.
I had fun."
- Callum

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to keep safe in an earthquake

With the recent events in Christchurch, and our current topic, we have been listening to this great song made by Julie Wylie.
It is all about how to keep safe in an earthquake.

The main words are:
Stop, drop,
be like a turtle,
Under the table,
away from the windows.
Stay still,
under the table,
Wait 'till the shaking stops!

Take a listen on the video below!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recounts of Dr Seuss' Birthday

We wrote recounts about our amazing day yesterday celebrating Dr Seuss' Birthday.

Listen to our video to hear Trinity, Regan, Awhina, Ashanti, Asharnte, Aleisha and Fynn read you their stories. Leave us a comment please if you liked our stories :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Today, March 2nd, is Dr Seuss' Birthday!

We celebrated in Room 5 by having a Dr Seuss Day!

We watched Dr Seuss videos (see below), did Cat in the Hat Maths, a Dr Seuss maze, a Cat in the Hat dot to dot activity, a Dr Seuss word find AND did writing and reading too - PHEW!

We also had two special guests read us Dr Seuss books, they were Miss Joplin and Justin Bieber!!!! What a lucky class we are :)

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Silence - Remembering Christchurch

Today at 12:51pm we thought about Christchurch and all the many families and children affected by the earthquake that happened exactly a week ago.

We talked about how sad some of the people will be at this time and thought of how their houses and jobs will be affected and possibly ruined.

Just before 12:51pm the whole school gathered on the field and made a giant circle.
There we had our 2 minutes of silence.

Thinking of you all in Christchurch,
From Room 5 <3