Thursday, April 14, 2011

Term 1 Reflection

We talked about what we have been doing in Term 1 so far this year.

Look at all the things we have been doing and learning about!

We have had lots of fun doing all of these things.

(Click on the picture if you want to see it bigger)

Our Term 1 reflections:
  • I have enjoyed using the maths play-doh this term because we get to know how to do our numbers around the right way - Brooke
  • I have enjoyed doing reading because I am getting much better - Connor
  • I have enjoyed playing with the play-doh because I like making our spelling words with it - Hayden
  • I have enjoyed icing and decorating our biscuits for our Friday Treat - Janison
  • I have enjoyed playing maths games because I like them, I can get smarter - Hamish
  • I like going on Mathletics because I get heaps of credits - Nicole
  • I have been on Mathletics, I get to learn more numbers - Nathanael
  • I liked learning about fires and being Firewise - Regan
  • I liked being the Star of The Day because I get a certificate - Mana

Monday, April 4, 2011

Buddy Headshots

Today we used the digital camera to take a 'headshot' of our buddy. A headshot is a photo that shows the face/head, neck and shoulders of a person. We are going to use our photos on our responsibilities chart. In pairs, we needed to carefully take a picture of our buddy that showed:

  • All of their head & face

  • Their neck

  • Just the top of their shoulders

Take a look at the slideshow below to see some of the photos we took.

Do you think we achieved our success criteria?

Room 5 Independent Headshot Photos on PhotoPeach

Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Digital Camera

We are learning how to use our class digital camera.

We started by talking about all the parts of the camera with a buddy after looking at some giant photos of our digital camera. Then we did a think-pair-share activity and told some other people in our class what we thought the parts of the camera were. When we discussed them as a class and we labelled them in yellow on our 'big camera'.

Next, we talked about what the different parts of the camera did and why they were important. We labelled these in blue on our 'big camera'.

We know that:

  • You shouldn't put your fingers near the lens as it is the 'eye' of the camera
  • You can press the 'playback' button if you want to look at your photos
  • The zoom button can help you to see something closer up
  • There is a button to switch between taking photos and movies on our camera
  • We need to put the lanyard around our neck when using the digital camera.

Here are some photos of everything we learned: