Sunday, June 26, 2011

Look what grew!

Wow! Check out what grew over the weekend!

Room 5 had noticed that for the past 2 weeks one of our tadpoles had grown all his legs... Now look at him!

We have our first FROG!

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Ms K Daniels said...

Wow what a cool frog. We would love a class pet too.
Things are growing in our class to but they are plants.
How can you tell the difference between plants and animals?

From Room One & Ms Daniels
Kuranui School (near Matamata, Waikato, NZ)

Anonymous said...

hello such a pleasure to view your blog,your class seems very busy great to see little minds learning.

Miss Y said...

Wow Room 5, that is very very exciting. It is so interesting to watch a tadpole change into a frog. I wonder if its little tadpole tail will drop off.

Mrs McGhie and room 16 said...

I think that frog looks amazing.Is that frog slimy.I wish our class could have a pet frog.From J.J

Mrs McGhie and room 16 said...

WOW!!!! What a cool frog. Did it take long for it to grow? That frog looks super cool have you named it yet? Have you got other tadpoles to grow like that?

From J.M

mrs mcghie and room 16 said...

that would be so cool. I wish I got a tadpole and he turned into a frog. Is the frog a boy or a girl and whats its name?
from Hanae (H.C)

mrs mcghie and room16 said...

wow that looks amazing! that frog must like you. I wish we had a frog. How long did it take to grow.From Db

Mrs McGhie and Room 16 said...

Wow!cool frog.are you going to let it go?

Mrs MaGhie and Room 16 said...

Wow I wish I was at your school. That frog is almost as big as my ruler. By Emily

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