Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discovery Time: Using Language K4S

Wow, another action packed morning of Discovery Time in Room 5 this week.

This week our focus was the Using Language, Symbols and Text part of the K4S.

Since that is such a big area we looked at Literacy specifically and discussed how we work to improve the Language and Text part of the K4S - using our reading and writing skills!

Check out us in action in the video below!

2 comments on our learning:

Ms F said...

Wow, children that looks like you are having such fun with your learning. Clever you! Keep it up. I am really looking forward to asking you and your teacher some questions about your school on skype.

Ms F

Miss Y said...

Looks like a really fun way to learn about reading and writing. I must come and visit you in Discovery Time one day.

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